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Archeology Days

12 October 2019 - 13 October 2019


There are extra activities during the Archeology Days. The Velsen Archaeological Workgroup is present at the Ruins of Brederode. Children can then dig up an archaeological find and stick together a jug or other utensil from the past. And do you have an object from old times? Take it with you and find out what and how old it is.

You can also visit the archaeological exhibition in the ruin chapel. The exhibition has the theme: “What the residents of Brederode left behind”. In this exhibition you can see objects that were found in the canal around the castle and the surrounding ditches. Some finds date from the time that the Lords of Brederode lived in the castle. There are also objects from later times. These can be lost or thrown away by the residents of the farms that once stood next to the ruin or by visitors. But they may also have ended up here through fertilization. In the old days, a beer well was used as a waste well. The bear was used for fertilizing a field and that is how the waste ended up on the pasture.

A boomerang demonstration with a modern boomerang is also given every hour. The boomerang from 470 BC, excavated on the (former) Hoogoventerrein, can be admired at the mini exhibition of the Velsen Archaeological Workgroup.

Sunday, October 13, admission is free thanks to the support of the municipality of Velsen.

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