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Castle Day | Digital

1 June

On Whit Monday, it is traditionally Castle Day in the Netherlands with this year’s theme: ‘Occupied and liberated: castles and estates in 1940-’45’.
Due to the Coronavirus this event will be a bit different this year. the Dutch Castle Foundation has made it possible to give a presentation online about the period 1940-’45, under the name ‘Dag van het Kasteel | Digitaal‘. Brederode Castle is happy to use that platform.


Although Brederode Castle, unlike many castles, country houses and estates, was not seized by the occupiers, there are interesting stories about the castle to tell. For example, the then managers Mr. and Mrs. Van der Kort had people in hiding, a propaganda film of the Nationale Jeugdstorm (the Dutch version of the Hitler Jugend) was shot and during the war a model of Brederode Castle was made by a person in hiding. It also explains how the name ‘Geuzenpenning’ has a Brederode origin. Do you want to read the stories? Then go to the special page of Brederode Castle on the website of Dag van het Kasteel | Digitaal. MInd you, these websites are in Dutch!
(photo – print of propaganda film: Netherlands Institute for War Documentation)