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31 October 2019 18:30 - 22:15

€3 – €5

The return of the Lord

The youngest lord of Brederode, Wolfert, wants to reclaim the castle from the bats. Then he wants to become ruler of the Netherlands!

Who dares to visit the ruin last evening of the 2019 season?

18.30-20.00 hours for kids up to 12 years €3,-
20.45-22.15 hours extra creepy from approx. 12 years €5,-

Entrance tickets are sold on the evening. You can not book for it.
Take as it can cash with!

Wolfert van Brederode wants to come back to the castle and therefore wants to chase the bats away. He thinks people are doing well. Especially people who use weed killers, because then all insects go dead and there is no more food for bats. Get away with the bats, here he comes! Therefore he wants to reward the people, he invites them to his lock for a horrific fun party. But make sure he doesn’t get a pest hate!
And when Brederode is conquered, he goes for conquest of the whole of Holland. It is also seen by the people that he has been working on. He has discovered the app ‘Overstroomik.nl‘ and if everyone goes well, the sea level will rise and then a large part of Holland is flooded, but the ruin is not, which lies within the Ringdijk. Then he becomes Lord and Master of the whole of Holland on his ruin of Brederode. Yes!
Spirits that try to warn people are not sure about their lives. And twice your life lose as mind is not advisable.
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