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Spanish Gypsy Summer Concert

24 August 2019 20:30


On Saturday evening 24th August 2019 a Spanish Gypsy summer concert by Mónica Coronado & Manito. In recent years they have been successful in Brederode Castle with both existing and own work. Pure, full of conviction and emotion.

The Barcelona-based Mónica Coronado sings with clear voice her stories that she has gathered and lived in her wandering life as a musician. For some songs she also plays guitar. In her songs, subjects like love, struggle, but also misunderstanding are wrapped in a warm blanket.

The Gypsy Flamenco guitarist Manito plays the Spanish guitar with great enthusiasm. According to him, this instrument is an extension of his soul. His fiery play is intuitive and rich in various styles and influences. He also plays other stringed instruments, including the Láud (Spanish luuit).

Starting: 20.30 hours. Entrance Fee: €12.50 (Please pay cash). Reservations via info@manito.biz or by phone 06 23259107.

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