Birthday parties for children

General Information

Birthday parties at Brederode Castle are only available during the period from March until October on Wednesday or Friday afternoon. The duration of the parties is estimated by us at approx. 2.5 hours. Of course you can stay longer at the Castle. You will be asked to complete the party not later then 4.30 pm. Brederode Castle closes at 5 pm.

All parties start with a welcome with lemonade. You can bring your own cake and other goodies. At the reception, the hostess or host will explain the party. After that, the children can dress up as a princess or knight and the scavenger hunt can begin. The intent of the parties is that we facilitate everything in advance and that you accompany the children in the afternoon. If you have any questions, we will be glad to help you.

The cost for a party is € 12.50 per child. In addition, we ask € 5.00 entrance fee – including a cup of coffee or tea – per adult.

Applications can only be submitted in writing through and the Coordinator Childrens Parties will contact you. Also indicate how many children join the party and the ages of the children.

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In recent years, many children celebrated their birthday at Brederode Castle; And that was a great success! The birthday parties at Brederode Castle are included in the:Kidsproof Haarlem Birthday Parties