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Your own activity on Ruine van Brederode
You can contact the managers of Brederode Castle, Rob Kortekaas and Angelique Schipper, via the email address
Manager Rob Kortekaas can be reached by telephone Tuesdays to Sundays from 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
(outside these hours only for emergencies) 06 – 12412092

For tickets please do not email or call, but use our online ticketing system. Haven’t received confirmation of your reservation? Check your spam box before you get in touch.

Contact about children’s parties can only be made by
This year (2021), no children’s parties can be held at the Castle because of COVID-19 and Playmobil exhibition.

For the submission of wedding photos for the exhibition ‘Wedding photos at Brederode’ please use the email address  (please don’t use this email address for photo shoot requests). For more information about this exhibition, see this page.

Contact details

Velserenderlaan 2
2082 LA Santpoort-Zuid, The Netherlands

Manager/Coordinator: Rob Kortekaas and Angelique Schipper
06-12412092 (9.30 am-5 pm Tuesday to Sunday, outside only for emergencies) Please do not email or call for ticket reservations. Didn't receive a confirmation? First look in your spambox!