Monumentenbezit is the owner of Brederode Castle and currently has 30 very diverse monuments in the Netherlands. Monumentenbezit is a national organization dedicated to the preservation of cultural heritage through the acquisition, restoration and exploitation of protected monuments.

Contact Monumentenbezit
Zuidereinde 43
1243 KK ‘s Graveland
085-0161626 (Mon – Fri 9 am – 5 pm)

Stichting Heerlijkheid Brederode

Stichting (Foundation) Heerlijkheid Brederode (SHB) is the tenant of Brederode Castle. In 2013 Brederode Castle was threatened to be closed to visitors because of a subsidy stop. To prevent this, Stichting Heerlijkheid Brederode was established by Dimitri Arpad, so the castle could remain open to the public.
The managers and volunteers of the foundation keep the castle open to the public and maintain the premises.

Stichting Heerlijkheid Brederode is a non-profit foundation and is registered with the Amsterdam Chamber of Commerce.
Rabobank: NL55RABO0105119032
VAT-number: NL852737695B01
Postal address SHB: Spanjaardsberglaan 26, 2071 SC Santpoort-Noord
Visiting address Brederode Castle: Velserenderlaan 2, 2082 LA Santpoort-Zuid


Hans Hunting (chairman)
Bert Kostermans (treasurer)
Piet Parée (secretary)
Marc Hillebrink (vice-chairman)

Bert Kostermans, Marc Hillebrink, Hans Hunting and Piet Parée.


Rob Kortekaas and Angelique Schipper are the managers of Brederode Castle and live in the caretaker house on the outer bailey.

Together with the volunteers, Rob and Angelique welcome our visitors, organise fun and interesting activities, maintain the premises and explore the great story of the 18 Lords of Brederode in relation to the Dutch history.

Brederode Castle
Velserenderlaan 2, 2082 LA Santpoort-Zuid
Phone manager Rob Kortekaas 06-12412092 (Tuesday through Sunday between 9.30 am-5 pm, outside only for emergencies).

Your own activity on Ruine van Brederode

Brederode is supported by

Brederode Castle does not receive a structural subsidy, but has income from entrance fees, small catering and location rental.

In addition, there are some companies that contribute with a donation. We would like to thank these organisations for their support and contribution:

  • SIG (Support for people with disabilities and/or autism) – construction and maintenance vegetable garden.

Companies, organisations or people who also wish to contribute are welcome. Please contact us.