Foundation Heerlijkheid Brederode

In 2013, as a result of cutting of funds, the Brederode Castle was under the threat of closure to the public. To prevent this, the Foundation Heerlijkheid Brederode was established, so that the ruin could happily remain open. Since then, the foundation has been responsible for daily management with the help of volunteers and without structural funding. Since 2017, two managers have also been appointed.

Foundation Heerlijkheid Brederode is a non-profit foundation and is registered with the Chamber of Commerce in Amsterdam under Number 57790736.
Rabobank: NL55 RABO 0105 1190 32.

Postal address

Velserenderlaan 2, 2082 LA Santpoort-South, the Netherlands

Members of the board of the foundation

President: Dimitri Arpad
Secretary: Barbara de Groot
Treasurer: Bert Koster Mans
Board Member: Marc Hillebrink

Contact with the board via e-mail:

Stichting Monumenten Bezit (SMB) owns Brederode Castle and currently owns also 29 very diverse monuments in the Netherlands.
Stichting Monumenten Bezit is a national organisation dedicated to the preservation of cultural heritage through the acquisition, restoration and exploitation of protected monuments.


Rob Kortekaas and Angelique Schipper are the managers of Brederode Castle and live in the administrative house on the Voorburcht.

Together with the volunteers and the board, Rob and Angelique organize fun and interesting activities, maintain the landscaping and investigate how the experience of the Dutch history and the Brederodes can be improved.

Contact: or 06-12412092 (Monday to Saturday between 9.00-18.00 hrs, or in case of emergency).

Your own activity on Ruine van Brederode

Brederode is supported by

We do not receive structural funds and get the income from the proceeds of entrance tickets and (occasional) rental for private events and photo shoots, for example.

In addition, there are also a number of companies that contribute or have contributed. We would like to thank these organisations for their support and contribution:

Please feel free to contact us if you also want to contribute.
Donations via: Rabobank NL55 RABO 0105 1190 32