Safe Visit Protocol

Book your Tickets

To visit the Castle it is highly recommended to purchase tickets in advance via the website. This prevents access being denied in the event of excessive crowds.
The price includes booking fees. For payment with Credit Card an additional € 1,- will be charged.

Want to give the Castle an extra support? Every contribution is more than welcome in this Covid-19 period to preserve the Castle. With a donation from € 5,- you will also receive three postcards of Brederode Castle at the cash register.

At the castle: how does it work?

Only one person per reservation must show the reserved tickets to the cashier. You can show the tickets on your phone or printed. A Covid QR-code is not necessary.

  • Keep distance from each other, other visitors and staff.
  • Housemates are allowed to walk together.
  • Follow the one-way arrows and pay attention to the priority signs.
  • Follow the directions which are given by our staff.
  • In the toilet room you can wash your hands.
  • Do you want to use the toilet?
    • At the checkout you can get detergent for the toilet seat
    • Flush with the lid closed. Please note that only toilet paper may also be flushed
    • Avoid clogging and throw rubbish away in the pedal bucket at the sink
  • Only take photos when it doesn’t cause crowds
  • Photo shoots, film recordings & drones may only be arranged after appointment with the manager.

Is the whole Castle open to the public?

Thanks to reservations in advance and a walking route we can open the Castle to visitors.
It is necessary for everyone to come to the reserved time and give each other space. Employees have the right to deny entry to visitors without a reservation and to ask them to come back at another, quieter time.
You can buy coffee, tea or lemonade with a snack at the cash register and enjoy it in the tea garden on the outer bailey of in the courtyard of the main castle. Keep your distance. Housemates are allowed to sit together.
Smoking is only allowed at the designated smoking table on the outer bailey. Keep your distance there too.

Keep it safe

Stay at home in case of symptoms like colds, sneezing, coughing, sore throat, difficulty breathing, smell and taste loss, fever (38 degrees Celsius or higher) and let yourself be tested.

Valid for visits from 25 September 2021